Products & Services

Services for the rubber related products like:

  • Hose and Tube 
  • Tyre
  • Tyre retreading
  • Belting
  • Wire and Cable 
  • Roller
  • Footwear
  • Weathering strip and extrusion profile
  • Molded goods, for example, o-ring, seal and gasket
  • Calendered goods, for example, roofing and flooring, sheets and membrane
  • Metal-rubber bonded parts
  • Cellular rubber
  • Shock absorbing, for example, mounting and dock fender
  • Adhesive and sealant
  • Plastic-rubber alloys

Efficency at minimum cost

Benefits of Services

Proven Technology Provider

We help you to operate your business more efficiency at minimum cost :

  1. Trouble shooting and problem solvingĀ 
  2. Assist in quality issues related to product performance
  3. Assist in raw materials selection and approval
  4. In-house training on rubber technology
  5. Assist in cost and performance optimization
  6. Existing compounds formulations improvement and development
  7. Existing processes & products improvement and development
  8. Proven technology provider: raw materials, compounds formulations, product design and manufacturing
  9. As technical representative for product presentation
  10. Provide on-site factory technical visit
  11. Assist raw materials and or equipment suppliers for technical support and market development
  12. Assist product purchaser to have one stop sourcing of variety of rubber products from the Collaboration Members

Ultimate benefits :

  1. Minimize the expensive and time consuming Research and Development
  2. Reduce the burden of keeping technical expertise
  3. Assist for the expansion of product line and or product diversification
  4. Fast response to customers on price quotation of business request especially on those turn-key proven compound formulations and products


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