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List of examples of proven turn-key technology:

  1. Hydraulic Hose (SAE 100R1, SAE 100R2, SAE 100R3, SAE 100R5, and SAE 100R6)
  2. Steam Hose
  3. Gasoline Pump Hose
  4. Gas Hose
  5. Paint Spray Hose
  6. Radiator and Heater Hose
  7. Chemical Hose
  8. Welding hose: flame retardant, low gas permeability and oil resistance
  9. LPG Hose (BS 3212)
  10. Sandblast hose
  11. High temperature multipurpose and hydraulic hose (higher than 125C)
  12. Low temperature multipurpose (below minus 50C)
  13. Multipurpose Hose
  14. Air-brake hose (SAE and OEM Specification)
  15. High Pressure Power Steering Hose
  16. Power Steering Return and Suction Hose
  17. Radiator Coolant Form Hose (OEM Specifications, and Water-Tree Free)
  18. Fuel Filler Neck: low permeation (OEM Specification)
  19. Transmission Oil Cooler Hose (OEM Specification)
  20. Engine Oil Cooler Hose (OEM Specification)
  21. Fuel Hose ( SAE 30R2, SAE 30R6, SAE 30R7, and SAE 30R9, and OEM Specification)
  22. Air-conditioning Hose
  23. Rubber mandrels and poly mandrels
  24. High Tension Ignition Cable (SAE J 2031 and ISO 3808)
  25. Flame Retardant, Zero Halogen, Non-corrosive & Low Smoke Flame Retardant Cable ( BS6387, IEC 60331 and 60332)
  26. Welding Cable
  27. Polymer modified Bitumen for Open Grade Asphalt Application
  28. Polymer modified Bitumen for Dense Grade Asphalt Application
  29. Polymer modified Bitumen for Bridge Joint Binder Application
  30. Polymer modified Bitumen for Waterproofing Application

List of examples of proven compound formulation:

  1. Tyre components compound formulations with components line-up design construction for Passenger Tyre, Truck Tyre, Earth Mover Tyre and Tractor Tyre Applications
  2. Natural rubber compounds for various applications such as various tyre retreading components, bridge bearing pad, conveyor belting, engine mount, footwear, coupling / bushing / mounting / spring, seal, wiper blade and general purpose molded goods
  3. Hose compounds for Hydraulic, Industrial and Automotive applications
  4. Cable compounds for various application, for examples, zero-halogen and low smoke flame retardant compound, high temperature and oil resistance compound, medium and high voltage insulation compounds, semi-conductive and conductive compounds, weathering and abrasion resistance compound
  5. Innertube
  6. Air spring
  7. Wiper blade
  8. Damping mount
  9. Conveyor belting for various applications
  10. V Belts
  11. Timing belt
  12. Weather stripping
  13. Dock fender
  14. Tank Lining
  15. Bearing Pad (AASHTO Specification)
  16. Printers Gum
  17. Rollers
  18. Handrail
  19. Pump component parts, diaphragm sheet and packing
  20. Membrane and membrane tapes
  21. Roofing and Flooring
  22. Solid tyre
  23. Seals and Gaskets
  24. Pharmaceutical closures
  25. Cellular rubber
  26. Air-conditioning compressor O-ring for Freon 134a
  27. Brake lining and pad
  28. Sport: golf ball and squash ball
  29. Caulks and sealants
  30. Adhesive
  31. Cement for tyre, hose, belting application

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